There is a direct connection between who you are (within) and the level of satisfaction you experience in your life and success at work.

This is why transformational coaching -- the nexus between our personal and professional lives -- is an incredibly powerful process for executives, managers and anyone looking to step into their power as part of living their best life. 

Who doesn't want to:

  • Thrive vs. always surviving, especially amidst uncertainty, ambiguity and change 

  • Create a powerful presence that builds trust in others and has you standing out for all the right reasons

  • Start living more authentically at home (and work) rather than feeling like an imposter in your own life

  • Improve how you make decisions and trust your instincts more

  • Explore 'what's next' in your life/career... if not lean into what is holding you back so you can step into what's next 

  • Hone your leadership style and/or self confidence as you take on more senior roles

  • Evolve in how you respond to internal politics and/or work with difficult people 

  • Instill confidence and attract opportunity

  • Put your best foot forward - even lean into fear - with the help of a strategic partner who will help you discern the unknown, create what's next and/or prepare for important moments

No one reaches new levels of success or grows on their own so why should you?





Working with professionals at all levels to live their best lives yet

Christine is a very effective coach and was able to draw out new insights. As a result of [our] coaching partnership, I had the chance to rethink my approach to leadership challenges, as well as challenging work experiences. She has a calm demeanor, allowed space to reflect and asks powerful questions that stirred reflection. She is supportive and encouraging. I enjoyed working with her and will enjoy working with her again.

Jim, Healthcare HR Executive (PA)

One of Christine's greatest gifts is that she reminds me of the courage I have within. As an entrepreneur who is constantly reinventing herself, having Christine help me see beyond the self-inflicted limitations is everything. When I'm stuck in the unknown or frustrated by a situation, Christine nudges me to look in a direction that I normally don't. In fact, her style - a mix of compassion and edginess - empowers me to see myself (and situations) in new ways. Possibilities always open up as a result of our conversations, which I attribute to her life experiences coupled with an ability to listen deeply. If you're serious about personal growth and making professional strides forward, you're lucky to have Christine on your 'personal board.'

 Margie, Entrepreneur (NY)

Being an executive in a Fortune 50 company came with professional success, but I found myself asking "what's next"? I am grateful to have met Christine when I did. Working with her allowed me to explore options I may not have considered and gave me the confidence to move forward in a new direction. She has a kind, but direct approach that is refreshing. She knows her stuff because she's been there and it's reassuring to know I have a true partner in this journey.

Tracy, Former Director Interactive Sales, Comcast (TX)

Letting go is hard for us founders as we scale our companies is hard and yet Christine has helped me to see into my blindspots so I can realign and focus on my future. Her insights and observations often leave me with much to think about ...for days... which means I'm able to get crystal clear in make decisions that get me closer to where I'm going next.

Sam, CEO, B-to-G Engineering Company (DC Metro Area)

I couldn't have done the last decade without Christine’s coaching support. Together, we’ve worked through challenging bosses, job changes, applications to prestigious programs, prepared for major talks and prepared my thinking going into difficult conversations. Most walk around the block when they need to reset, but I've got Christine on speed dial. I always come back from our conversations feeling balanced yet empowered to move forward strategically. Our conversations challenge me to think beyond my ego’s initial reactions so our time is a strategic investment in myself and my career. Her knowledge of power dynamics has been invaluable.

IBM Leader (VA)

What I appreciate most about Christine is her sincerity and follow through in helping me step into my career. She does a great job at connecting the right people in order to build professional relationships and expand the knowledge of young professionals. Her motivational words and insights have assisted me in my journey after graduation and my career in our nation’s capital. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance and validation.

Cathy, Sensis Agency (DC)


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