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Step Into Your Power

Do you know what ripple effect you have on those around you, your work or your future? 

The truth of the matter is we are all interconnected; and whether you are leading an organization, a team or are new(ish) in your career, the truth of the matter is how you show up has a direct affect on everyone around you... which impacts, well, you too.

Transformational coaching -- the nexus between our personal and professional lives -- is incredibly powerful at creating positive results and is the fastest way to springboard into your future. 

This type of coaching is not what every coach practices.

It is an approach based on an understanding of the human experience, including what motivates us to (and prevents us from) expanding into what's new and possible. It helps create clarity in times of uncertainty, ambiguity and change.

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What do you want out of your life? Career? Are you ready to expand the possibilities, if not also create greater alignment with what will bring more satisfaction?

Whether you already are an executive, an aspiring one or someone wanting to live your best life, transformational coaching is an effective way (and wise investment) at proactively stepping into your best life.

You can expect to start with a 90-minute discovery session (by phone, video chat or in-person) solely focused on getting to know you and your goals. Initially, meetings will be at least twice a month to explore either what's stopping you from reaching your goal(s) or creating clarity around what can be next for you.

This is not therapy; but, having an experienced professional who has 'been there' and can be an effective sounding board helping to expand options can be therapeutic.

We believe each of our inner, wiser selves know more than any advice we can give so our coaches are trained to deeply listen, call out your power and tap into your inner creativity. Sessions are spent guiding and redirecting you to step into (and stay within) your power. As traction is gain, coaches often start serving as accountability partners to ensure positive change 'sticks' and finish lines are crossed.


Working in teams can be very rewarding. It can also be very challenging. While it's easy to point fingers at the boss or manager, often times it's more complex than one person.

Whether there's a break down in communication or other disconnects preventing your team from working together, our coaches are astute at assessing individual, group and cultural dynamics within your organization that are preventing growth.

'People politics', not to mention power and team dynamics, are nothing new. They definitely are not one dimensional problems easily solved. But, in a digital (aka transparent) world, they are more important to address and proactively work on before you (the leader) become the scapegoat, if not an organization with poor ratings on culture and reputation. 

If you are interested in creating an effective team environment where everyone is showing up, engaged and living your organization's core values consistently, let us know. We're happy to help create an inclusive pathway forward. 

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Often times we know what we need to succeed ...or achieve balance... or stretch into our next best chapter only we lose momentum for one reason or another. We all reach a point where life and decisions become less clear, which is exactly why our Power Retreats are being developed. 

We want to help individuals, like you, get in touch with your goals, values, but also what gets you excited and engaged. We will help you create an actionable plan for moving forward regardless of which area of your life you want to see different results in.

You'll learn new skills for weathering the storms, staying centered despite them, and creating empowering narratives that will attract new outcomes. You can even expect to have some fun! 

Send us a note and let us know if you're interested in learning more.


Occasionally, we offer group sessions on specific life and career themes, such as how to thrive in the workforce for young adults, needed skills to climb the executive ladder, making failure work for you, navigating transitions, and building a powerful presence.

Group sessions are not only friendly on tight budgets, but also a way to build community with like-minded individuals who want to continue growing both professionally and personally.

Let us know you're interested and we'll notify you about our next group session. 



Think about it: When we are in alignment with our own truths and values, anything is possible. Maybe more rewarding is the ripple effect we can have via our work and on those around us (including our families and friends) when we stretch and grow. 

Coaching empowers clarity, accountability and intentional living/working. It helps each of us make shifts in how we show up, react to situations and make decisions so we build upon what's possible. While coaching is not therapy, it IS often therapeutic, which only serves to make us more powerful points of influence.

Coaching is an investment where time is 100% focused on you. Working with a transformational partner who is deeply listening and has your best interest at heart, you can expect to co-create, stay accountable and ultimately reach your goals, hopes and dreams.

FYI - Our network of coaches have all lived the professional life. We know first-hand the adaptiveness and juggling of priorities professionals must hold at work, home and in life. We're ready to help you navigate these challenges and declutter the stress so we can focus on how to make your life work best for you.



Thanks to the investment you're making in your own development means you are also helping someone else's growth. For every corporate engagement and 6-month individual coaching commitment, a portion of the fees you provide will go in support of coaching hours for someone carrying the extra burden of rising up out of poverty, immigrating into our country, and/or overcoming significant setbacks thrown in their path.

Thank you!