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Reputations are built on brands and the people who lead them.

Whether leader of an organization, team or project, alignment with our true selves is the starting point. Otherwise, we're putting on armor or too influenced by "other"to lead successfully. 


It is only when we start following our instincts and navigating the unknown from our inner, creative selves we can achieve immeasurable growth and unimaginable outcomes – especially those who want to make a difference.


We practice transformational coaching – a combination of executive and life coaching. It is an incredibly powerful approach aimed at getting out of our heads but leading from within, which is the essence of an entrepreneur. 


Transformational coaching allows clients to tap into our wiser self to decipher best choices, find clarity, and get really honest with themselves with an unbiased, supportive coach.


The process is transformative for anyone stepping into a new role or plateauing in their lives and career.


Coaching isn't therapy but often is therapeutic – sessions are a time when clients can safely untangle from competing priorities, the opinions of others, and conflicting agendas in order to gain clarity and determine how best to move forward in ways that are authentic and strategic. 


The reasons client start coaching vary, including:

  • Starting a new chapter or role that requires showing up differently

  • Creating a powerful presence that builds trust in others, attracts opportunity and has you standing out for all the right reasons

  • Building a personal board in order to step into a leadership role with unbiased support

  • Finding your voice, style, and exuding grounded confidence or gravitas

  • Preparing for important conversations, pitches, meetings

  • Making change – either getting unstuck or purposely making new decisions to experience more in life/career

  • Tackling imposter syndrome – showing up more authentically at work and home with confidence

  • Improving how you make decisions and following your instincts more 

  • Understanding what blindspots may be holding you back

  • Evolving how you work with difficult people 

  • Processing failure so you learn and can move on!

  • Putting your best foot forward - even when leaning into fear

  • Seeking an accountability partner 

We invite you to start confidently stretching into what's possible and leading at your next level.



Tap into your inner creative and wiser self to show up with more purpose, passion, and impact.


CEO (DC Metro Area)

A strategic investment having such a savvy sounding board on my side.

Letting go is hard for us founders, especially as we scale our companies. Yet, Christine helped me to see into blindspots I didn't consider so I was able to make more strategic decisions. Her strategy background in business with her natural ability to observe the unspoken often gave me much to think about ...for days after we spoke. 


Helping one another is an important value to us. For every corporate engagement and 6-month coaching commitment, a portion of the fees will support coaching hours for someone carrying the extra burden of rising up out of poverty or overcoming significant setbacks because of Covid-19. Working with the Gokotta team means you are partnering to make a positive difference in someone's life.

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