THE RULES ARE CHANGING every area of life and work; business and leadership

The Gokotta team is ready to help you re-write the rules in ways that work for you and your customers/members. Ultimately, we are strategic growth partners who know how to channel innovation and change into traction. Whether you are a CEO needing a strategic sounding board, an executive team devising a new vision for your organization, or a professional taking advantage of this time to excel personally, Gokotta is here to help you plan, pivot, stretch and grow!  



For over 20 years, I have been helping people scale their ideas onto the national and international arenas, make positive change, if not step into their power.

I started my career off as a producer with CBS and for over 15 years working in the C-Suite supporting association executives, investors, and CEOs (including former chairman of Build-a-Bear) to achieve numerous goals. In 2007, I earned a master's in leadership from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, and most recently became ICF-certified as a transformational leadership coach.  (Mindfulness and integrative wellness are also active practices of mine.)

More compelling than any degree I've obtained or name I've worked with are the lessons I've learned along the way, starting with the fact leadership is a lifestyle, not a job title or level.  In my own journey of becoming and an entrepreneur, I've had to learn to embrace significant change, growth, uncertainty and fear to create something new. I am not afraid of leaning into what's difficult and enjoy supporting others to do the same. 

If gaining more traction around your brand, expanding your personal options, making a professional transition or experiencing greater fulfillment is part of your goal(s) this year, then let's talk.



A Diverse Group With Global Reach

The Gokotta Group is a talented network of people-focused experts who can help organizations, brands, teams and/or individuals reposition, launch and thrive.

We customize teams based on your needs; and, our collective skills represent the type of expertise needed to bolster reputations, foster growth and ensure lasting change: 

  • Brand + business strategy 

  • Change management + transformational coaches

  • Web design, marketing, communications 

  • IT + web development

BTW, most of us met at one of those big agencies (Booz Allen, Fleishman-Hillard, Edelman) so we know how to think big, build practically, manage effectively and most importantly make things happen.

Oh, and our network spans different time zones so virtual working is not new to us. We've been doing it for years and are expert at changing gears, if not the tools we use, to integrate with client teams with ease.

Maybe worth point out too: because we're all solopreuneurs, you're not covering expensive overhead or real estate -- only for the experienced talent who will bring their best every time.



It translates to mean “to rise at dawn to listen to the birds sing."

When asked why I use this as a company name, I often joke it means the early bird gets the worm. While this is true of the passion and dedication I have uncovering a client's potential, the concept of gokotta represents so much more.

For me, it's a philosophy, discipline and lifestyle I've come to hold as important: intentionally carving out time to connect with nature and what's most important to me in order to tap into my own inner, creative genius. It's also important in experiencing a healthy inner life and connecting to my North Star, which are both essential in maintaining clarity, energy, and centeredness whenever things get tough  -- be it launching a company, making sense of ambiguity, and/or weathering the inevitable ups and downs of life.

While the concept of taking 'time out' is not new for fostering creativity, it is often skipped over in context of business strategy, innovation and effective leadership. Research shows that time invested in reflection, retreat, restoration leads to accessing new insights that are just below the surface of our consciousness. I say, now more than ever, 'gokottaing' is a strategic necessity.

Since COVID-19 is gifting us with the need to step into our future so why not use this time to your advantage? Get out in nature and step into silence. Reconnect to yourself beyond what's in your busy brain and on to-do lists. Breathe deeply and soak in the sun. Start noticing what's alive within. It's only when we do this often then can we truly begin to attract, influence and make a bigger impact... at home, work and in the world at large. 

So if you want to start expanding what's possible, I say, 'Happy Gokotta-ing!' 

-- Christine Middleton, founder


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