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What does

GOKOTTA (pronounced zho-'kOt-tah) 

Verb: the act of rising early to greet the dawn, listen to birds, and to see the sun rising.
Our definition: Early bird gets the worm.

Gokotta represents the passion and dedication our team has to igniting growth in brands and the people leading them.



My career has been about building reputations and supporting entrepreneurial executives and notable brands expand what's possible.

From intern at CBS to C-level positions in operations and brand, I have 25-plus years experience across different industries, issue areas, and sectors. The result: I possess a wealth of vantage points and experience that help my clients creatively stand out for all the right reasons. 

Through the Gokotta Group I work with other creative practitioners (in design, digital, marketing, PR, change management, and coaching) to help clients reach their potential, faster.  

Because so much of today's world is about navigating constant change, for the last decade I have been coaching leaders to thrive in the unknown and develop their own leadership styles and brands.  I absolutely love being a CEO's sounding board and secret weapon.

  • Master's in leadership, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business

  • ICF-certified transformational executive coach

  • Brand, reputation & digital marketing expert


Diverse Talent With A Global Reach

The Gokotta Group is a talented network of people-focused experts who can help organizations, brands, teams and/or individuals reposition, launch and thrive.


We customize teams based on your needs. We don't reuse plans or sell out of the box concepts. As a result, our collective skills represent the type of expertise needed to bolster reputations, foster growth and ensure lasting impact internally and externally: 

  • Brand + business strategy with emphasis on customer/member/ stakeholder experience (CX) as key to success

  • Digital marketing, communications 

  • Research (internal assessments to external positioning, messaging, audience/persona)

  • Operations, change management strategy, digital transformation

  • Executive + transformational leadership coaching

  • Web design/development (UX, UI) + social media marketing

  • Diverse audience/generational engagement, including employees, partners, members/customers

Most of us met at one of those big agencies (Booz Allen, Fleishman-Hillard, Edelman) so we know how to think big, build practically, manage effectively, and most importantly, make things happen.

Our network spans different time zones so virtual working is not new to us. We've been doing it for years so we can integrate with your team seamlessly and hit the ground running.


Also worth pointing out: Gokotta is a woman-owned, minority small business. And because our network is made up of small businesses, you're not covering expensive overhead, golden parachutes, or real estate behind what big firms charge – only for the experienced talent who will bring their best every time.





Web Design/Development + Partners in Crime

All things digital experience, strategy and design, Matthew Billingsley and Jay Buys lead this socially conscious team who have been 'doing digital' before it was even mainstream.


To all my clients for your trust. To my partners for your genius-ness and friendship. Friends and colleagues for your input and support. The talented photographers on Jopwell, fauxels, ekaterina bolovtsova, christina morillo, ketut subiyanto, cottonbro, and countless others.

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