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Giving a Presentation

We work with clients to elevate their reputations, expand their reach and enhance relevancy with new and current audiences. 


Find Your Growing Edge


Discover Hidden Potential


Standout from the Competition


Attract/Retain New Audiences 



Regardless of the goal – be it refreshing a brand, launching a new venture, or identifying ways (on and offline) to build a community – we start from where are clients are and build one-of-a-kind approaches that are realistic yet effective at big strides forward, fast.

These are just a few deeper insights of the type of role we've played as advisors AND serving as internal team members.

National Association of


When you lead an important mission impacting women's health at a time when states are rolling back women's rights, but only have a small team and need to grow revenue to do more – how to you create new momentum that will inspire members plus attract new members and sponsors? How do you grow membership with schools are advising against your profession?


We listened and learned from members, the board and leadership, then took a look at updating NPWH's brand positioning and promise, as well as thought leadership strategy. We developed a new position and voice for the organization based on business priorities, needs of existing and (younger) potential members, input from board members, and trending topics online and in the news. 

We also created new sponsorship program and expanded programming to diversify funding sources and types of funders, such as the first-ever (PeriMenopause Summit attracting the most participants in the history of the association).


We began pitching NPWH leadership to media and telling stories of nurse practitioners in women's health online to start building awareness of this little known women's health expert whose expertise squarely falls in reproductive health. 


Client Service/Mgmt. + Brand Design/Strategy + Creative Direction + Public Relations/ Marketing/Communications Strategy + Digital Media/Design/SEO + Project/Team Mgmt + Business Development + Content Development (incl speech + script writing) 

AGU logo.png


How do you take current education assets and position them in a way they attract and meet the needs of younger (and future) members? How do you build community, especially with younger generations, who are digital natives, and don't seem to be engaging as much as you'd like them to online?


Wanting attract a younger, more diverse group of earth and space science students to see AGU as their go-to career development partner, and with a looming talent shortfall in the U.S. (in the midst of a turbulent political environment), AGU's talent development and marketing teams wanted to collaborate how to put their best foot forward. They also wanted to build bridges internally to work together more collaboratively.

We also conducted effective and fast-tracked research how best to position AGU with multiple generations (including Millennials and GenZ) in ways that felt more purposeful and personalized versus one size fits all communications. We also conducted an asset review, external landscape review,  as well as a brand audit of key learning products in order to create recommendations and a roadmap how best to grow membership, as well as AGU's reputation.


Business/Marketing Strategy + Brand Strategy + Research + Messaging + Persona Development + Content Development for Learning Division; Also UX/UI Strategy + FB Advertising Campaign + Digital Strategy/Project Oversight for Millennial Learning Product

Marriott International.png
Vanguard Communications.png


When you merge two enormous companies and lifestyle brands together, how do you grab the attention of your top executives who are busy around the world to join a three-day event? Leading up to, during and following the event, how do you build awareness and trust to support a new day and way of working under the Marriott, especially for the acquired team?



Attendance wasn't mandatory making a creative communications plan that much more important to attract attendance. Designed an approach that built interest in the event as well as provided "before you depart" checklists and information, much like a concierge service. Went the extra mile to create a positive attendee experience by enhancing the simple event app being developed so it was even more user-centric. 


UX/UI + App Development + Communications/Promotion Strategy


When a founding CEO of a 28 year old firm wants to align the best of her organization to create new efficiencies, attract new talent, and position self for future growth, where do you begin? What models do you use to anchor your vision and how do you initiate change with staff so they evolve along with change?



Working with the CEO to outline her priorities and goals (for herself and the business), developed a blue print of change for empowering staff, streamlining operations, expanding client business development, and improving customer service. Work involved upgrading technology, increasing accountability and employee engagement levels, updating HR and financial processes, realigning corporate culture and annual reviews with core values, establishing go-forward business strategy with a more diversified client portfolio, and help grow this socially conscious firm.


Leadership Development/Coaching + Operations/C-Level Leadership + Business Strategy + Change Management + Internal Communications + Marketing/Branding/Positioning

FH logo small.png


How do you change the perception of what long-standing organizations represent in people's minds? How do you create energy around important issues like the reading, aging, consumer protection, honoring veterans and preserving American history?


Oversaw and developed award-winning campaigns, events, tours, programs, and partnerships in Fleishman Hillard's consumer markets division. Integrated cutting edge digital tools and partnered with top (client) executives to implement creative approaches on and offline were aimed at capturing the minds and hearts for various audiences (e.g., partners, policy makers and key stakeholders), as well as providing interesting news angles for journalists.

Sample award-winning campaigns included:​

  • TriCare – Curbing drinking of young service members. ("Don't Be That Guy" campaign)

  • Common Ground Alliance – Protecting our national underground infrastructure and saving lives campaign complete with a successful partnership program with John Deere, Travelers Insurance and others to spread the word. ("Call 811 Before You Dig" campaign.)

  • AARP – Honoring the Freedom Riders and the African American experience during civil rights. (Emmy-winning "Voices of Civil Rights" tour.)

  • AARP 50th – Repositioning an established brand and shifting public perception 50 is the new 40 + 50th Anniversary celebration.

  • Veterans History Project/Library of Congress – Honoring American veterans by promoting the Veterans History Project and launching the WWII Memorial. 

  • Social Security Administration w/ – Empowering individuals with disabilities to build confidence, skills and network with employers; partnership program with ensured further reach. 

  • National Book Festival – On behalf of First Lady Laura Bush and Library of Congress, inspiring kids of all ages to read as part of a healthy and vibrant life and society.



Client Service/Mgmt. + Brand Design/Strategy + Public Relations/ Marketing/Communications Strategy + Digital Media/Design/SEO + Project/Team Mgmt. + Business Development + Vendor Mgmt.

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