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What do you want out of your life? Career?  How do you want to show up in relationships around you?

Are you ready to expand what's possible? Do you want greater alignment with what will bring you uniquely more satisfaction?

This is what transformational coaching is all about. It doesn't matter if you are a CEO or just lost your job -- at the core of each of us lies untapped potential and wisdom that is the key to what's next for each of us. Left unexamined, another part of us -- our subconscious -- will rule the outcomes usually on the side of staying small.


You can expect to start with a 90-minute discovery session (by phone or Zoom) so we both can learn more about you, your dreams, your values and what more out of your life you want to attract.

A series of follow-up sessions will be scheduled either once a week or every other week to either explore what's holding you back, creating clarity around what is next, or achieving a particular goal you want to finally achieve.

BTW, this is not therapy; but, having an experienced professional who has 'been there' and can be an effective sounding board helping to expand options is often very therapeutic.


Often times we know what we need to succeed ...or achieve balance... or stretch into our next best chapter only we lose momentum for one reason or another. We all reach a point where life and decisions become less clear, which is exactly why our Power Retreats are being developed. 

We want to help individuals, like you, get in touch with your goals, values, but also what gets you excited and engaged. We will help you create an actionable plan for moving forward regardless of which area of your life you want to see different results in.

You'll learn new skills for weathering the storms, staying centered despite them, and creating empowering narratives that will attract new outcomes. You can even expect to have some fun! 

Send us a note and let us know if you're interested in learning more.


Occasionally, we offer group sessions on specific life and career themes, such as how to thrive in the workforce for young adults, needed skills to climb the executive ladder, making failure work for you, navigating transitions, and building a powerful presence.

Group sessions are not only friendly on tight budgets, but also a way to build community with like-minded individuals who want to continue growing both professionally and personally.

Let us know you're interested and we'll notify you about our next group session. 


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