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Learn. Explore. Expand Your Network. Ignite the Passion from Within.



There are a ton of resources, education, and options out there, yet what makes the most sense for you and your idea? If you're a team of one or two people, how best to use your time and money for the most return?

This 4-month workshop will walk you through:

  • Identifying and getting to know the audience you need to reach in ways that help you spend your money wisely.

  • Creating and positioning your brand on and offline.

  • How best to set up your digital footprint to work toward your goals.

  • Developing messaging and content that will generate traction.

  • Telling your story in a way that inspires and ties in with your business.

  • Outlining a marketing plan that you can start implementing right away.

  • Creating a simple website, social footprint.


In a small group, you will be creating community with other entrepreneurs taking the next step in building out their visions.

This means over six months you'll not only be learning concepts of marketing, branding and business strategy, but also doing the work in community with others who can provide instant feedback, ideas to consider, and other real world experience helpful in bringing your business concept to life.

We'll even dedicate time for addressing what entrepreneurs face personally, including fears that are certain to pop up the closer to launch we get. 


You can expect hands-on activities, group conversations and guest speakers during group sessions, as well as assignments in between monthly meetings.

Participants will also get two, 45-minute individual consulting sessions to hash out any sticking points along the way or gain strategic input.

As a group, we'll get you launched and on your way!


Once a month for four months

Specific dates coming for 2022

COST: $3,000

Work desk


Founder, Growth Strategist + Leadership Coach

From junior CBS producer to consultant, coach, COO, and CEO, these workshops draw on lived experience, plus incorporate amazing individuals with diverse talent (designers, leaders, strategists) whom I've worked with along the way.

Join us for topics aimed at stretching into our future.

"Success is something you attract… by the person you become.

Being a person others want to follow comes primarily from the inside of our life but is reflected through our actions and attitude."

- James Rohn, Author

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