Learn. Explore. Build Community. Reignite the Passion from Within.

We have a couple of upcoming workshops and ways to connect with other entrepreneurial thinkers looking to expand what's possible in life, including work. Join us!


Each of us has a growing edge within. Whether it's a beckoning for something more ...or simply a dissatisfaction about where things are at this moment in your life... our edges are meant to be leaned into, nurtured and explored.


This is new offering. Think of it as office hours. Once a month for 45 minutes you've got access to a coach, consultant and community of like minds to brainstorm and discuss topics around reconnecting and reigniting our power within.

(BTW, if you show up and there's no one else, you will get a free coaching session!)


Do you have an idea for a business and not sure what to do next? Maybe you've launched a company and wish you had a sounding board to think through what's next? Not sure how to go about marketing, branding or getting the word out? This hands-on work group is just for you.


You're capable, educated and ready to make your mark. Yet the workforce not what you expected. You get assigned a lot of tasks... maybe even responsibilities and started your climb to success... but now what? 

If you wish you could understand the people around you, what you need to do to stand out more, this session might be the solution you didn't even know you needed!



Do you feel like you need to be someone different at work?

Maybe put on armor to get respect of your boss or team?

Are you tired of faking it until you make it to advance in your career?

How does one even stand out or lead when working remotely and virtually?

If you are in the midst of your career and want to gain more traction, this work group is for you.

What you've done to get where you are is not what will get you to the next place. All of us must learn to shift around the middle of our careers to work from a new mindset, as well as from a new set of tactics and approaches, including replacing expertise with a more people-driven way of thinking.

If you are curious about discovering more about aligning to your core self and discovering more about your personal power, then join us on for four Sundays as we explore:

  • What is emerging within and what we need to let go of in order make room for what needs attention most.

  • Creating a greater sense of alignment and clarity to what we value most. 

  • Embracing fear and failure as our pathway to personal growth and courage.

  • Healthy resiliency rather than enduring through the tough stuff. 

  • Connecting to a sense of purpose and vitality.

If you want to step into your personal power to lead with confidence, influence others to lean in, find your voice, and/or make a strong first impression (plus lasting reputation), this workshop is for you.


Over four, 90 minute gatherings we will take a look at:

  • How to create an authentic yet powerful presence and reputation... even virtually.

  • Defining our personal values and leadership brand.

  • Important mindsets to adopt in overcoming challenges (including challenging people). 

  • How to approach moving agendas forward without creating collateral damage.


Both are coming for 2021!



FREE Monthly Drop In Sessions on Zoom

Balling up in the corner is how many of us feel when uncertainty and drastic change is unfolding. Yet, it is times like these when the greatest advancements and opportunities happen to us personally and professionally.  In fact, when we let go of something, it means there's renewed energy and space to attract what's new and possible. 

Easier said than sometimes done, which is the point of these sessions: Why go through change alone!?

If you have a professional development, career challenge or business growth question you want to explore in community with others, these free, 45-minute conversations are a great way to get insights from others who have lived experience. 

(This is new offering. So, if you show up and there's no one else, you will get a free coaching session!)



Zoom with us ...Saturdays 11am-2pm ET
Once a month for six months
February - July 2021

There are a ton of resources, education, and options out there, yet what makes the most sense for you and your idea? If you're a team of one or two people, how best to use your time and money for the most return?

This 6-month workshop will walk you through:

  • Identifying and getting to know the audience you need to reach in ways that help you spend wisely.

  • Creating and positioning your brand on and offline.

  • How best to set up your digital footprint to work for your goals.

  • Developing messaging and content that will generate traction.

  • Telling your story in a way that inspires and ties in with your business.

  • Outlining a marketing plan that you can start implementing right away.


You will be building community with other like-minded individuals who are building out their visions. This means over six months you'll not only be learning concepts of marketing, branding and business strategy, but doing the work in community with other entrepreneurs who can provide instant feedback, ideas to consider, and other real world experience helpful in bringing your ideas to life.

We'll even dedicate time addressing what fears come up through the process so not even imposter syndrome stands in our way of stepping into our future.


You can expect hands-on activities, group conversations and guest speakers during group sessions, as well as assignments in between monthly meetings. Participants will also get two, 45-minute individual consulting sessions to hash out any sticking point along the way to gain strategic input or guidance. Together, we'll get you launched and on your way!

COST:  $4,500


Saturdays 11am-2pm ET

Once a month for six months:

Dates coming for 2021

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Founder, Growth Strategist + Coach

I have developed these workshops based on 25 years of using my career as an experiment to uncover what I wanted to become. In the process, I found my voice, power and way to the C-level and beyond. These workshops are based on what by leaning in and learning every step of the way.


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