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It translates to mean “to rise at dawn in order to go out and listen to the birds sing."

When asked why I used this as a company name, I often joke it means the early bird gets the worm. While this is true of the passion and dedication I have uncovering a client's potential, the concept of gokotta represents so much more.

For me, it's a philosophy, discipline and lifestyle I've come to hold as important: intentionally carving out time to connect with nature, which is a way of tapping into our own inner, creative genius.

Of course, the concept of taking 'time out' is not new; however, learning about it in context of business strategy, innovation and creativity, servant leadership, and emotional intelligence while obtaining a master's in leadership from Georgetown, it suddenly transformed from a luxury to a strategic necessity.

Research even shows that time invested in reflection, retreat, restoration leads to accessing ideas and solutions that are just below the surface of our consciousness. The answers are within! Another benefit: our presence, trustworthiness and attractiveness are all enhanced, which, in turn, expands who is willing to listen and the impact we can have at home, work and in the world. 

Happy Gokotta-ing,

Christine Middleton, founder