Giving a Presentation


A clear, inspiring vision for the future is critical if your goal is to connect with stakeholders. But it is only the start.

In today's digital era where remote relationships are everything, first impressions must be strong; however, so too must be the experiences to follow, as they determine a person's, brand or organization's reputation and future vitality. Therefore, positioning yourself in ways that create meaningful experiences and offer continuously value according to the needs of partners, employees and customers/members is everything. 

Achieving this requires thinking differently from the past. How technology is integrated, teams are aligned, information is communicated and leaders lead must be customer-centric. This is why understanding people and what motivates action is essential.

If you are a forward-thinking entrepreneur, manager, CEO, chairman or venture firm wanting a fresh perspective how your investments can stand out in today's digital world, we are here to help. We are astute at identifying the hidden potential and experienced at executing the very ideas we recommend -- a true partnership to help you thrive in today's new norms.



Leveraging Hidden Potential

With the world upside down, NOW is the best time to rethink how you are aligning to your customers/members and the marketplace. This not about digital transformation or a complex IT system update. It requires people-centric approach to growth using technology to reinforce your value proposition and reputation.

Our combined marketing, operations and coaching expertise makes us a powerful sounding board and growth partner. We enjoy using our diverse perspectives to help executives identify new opportunities and ultimately align the best of their organizations to the people who matter most -- both on and offline.


Adding Value

Considering we live, work, and shop in an interconnected, digital environment where public-opinion, quick links, and ease of access 'make or break' profits, branding is arguably more important than ever before.

What consumers/members... the end user... experience and the value they receive (at every touch point) is everything for a brand to stay in existence.  While eye-catching design, compelling content and storytelling are still important, how technology is aligned and cross-team execution is integrated now also directly affects an organization's reputation, impact and long-term success. 


We work with clients to expand what's possible.


Find Your Growing Edge


Make Smart Investments


Expand Your Reach


Resonate w/ Audiences



Helping organizations, brands + leadership teams excel

No matter our assignment -- be it helping refresh a brand, launching a new venture or assisting leadership teams envision new ways to add value to its members/customers -- helping our clients and their constituents thrive is at the center of our work. We have touched every sector, industry and issue area. Big and small. Here are just a few recent partnerships...


WHAT: Business/Marketing Strategy + Brand Strategy + Research + Messaging + Persona Development + Content Development for Learning Division; Also UX/UI Strategy + FB Advertising Campaign + Digital Strategy/Project Oversight for Millennial Learning Product

HOW: AGU wanted to look at how best they can attract younger and more diverse group of earth and space science students to see AGU as their trusted, go-to career development partner while in school. With a looming talent shortfall in the U.S.,  and a political environment where scientific evidence is under attack is not helping matters, we conducted research how best position AGU with two new generations: GenY (Millennials) and GenZ. We also conducted an asset review offered through their learning products, a communications audit and competitive landscape to create a strategy to grow membership as well as AGU reputation.  


WHAT: UX/UI + App Development + Communications/Promotion Strategy

HOW: When you merge two enormous companies together, it's important to bring together top leaders in sales, business, marketing to unify, connect and move forward feeling empowered. Building a communications plan around such an important milestone event as this was just the tip of the iceburg, which also included expanding the functionality of the meeting App to go beyond functional but instead experiential and user-friendly.


WHAT: Leadership Development/Coaching + Operations/C-Level Leadership + Business/Marketing Strategy + Change Management + Branding/Positioning

HOW: When a 28-year veteran CEO wants to determine how best to align the best of her organization to attract new talent and social good clients, while also generating internal efficiencies and positioning self for future growth, where do you begin? What models do you use to anchor your vision and how do you initiate change? This is exactly where our work began with Vanguard.


WHAT: Supported a range of clients, including AARP, Library of Congress, First Lady's Office, Smithsonian Institute, U.S. Navy, International Finance Corporation, and National Park Service. Efforts included: Client Service/Mgmt. + Brand Design/Strategy + Public Relations/ Marketing/Communications Strategy + Digital Media/Design/SEO + Project/Team Mgmt. + Business Development + Vendor Mgmt.

HOW: Working as senior advisor(s) in consumer markets and digital design divisions worked with top client executives to design, build and implement national and international, campaigns. Creative approaches on and offline were aimed at capturing the minds and hearts for various audiences (e.g., partners, policy makers and key stakeholders), as well as providing interesting news angles for journalists.

Sample award-winning campaigns included:​

  • TriCare - Curbing drinking of young service members. ("Don't Be That Guy" campaign)

  • Common Ground Alliance - Protecting our national underground infrastructure and saving lives campaign complete with a successful partnership program with John Deere, Travelers Insurance and others to spread the word. ("Call 811 Before You Dig")

  • AARP - Honoring the Freedom Riders and the African American experience during civil rights. (Emmy-winning "Voices of Civil Rights")

  • AARP - Repositioning an established brand and shifting public perception 50 is the new 40 + 50th Anniversary celebration.

  • Veterans History Project/Library of Congress - Honoring American veterans by promoting the Veterans History Project and launching the WWII Memorial. 

  • Social Security Administration w/ - Empowering individuals with disabilities to build confidence, skills and network with employers; partnership program with ensured further reach. 


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