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There's Got to Be More...(right?)

Who hasn't asked themselves this question when in work situations where there is poor leadership, unhealthy cultures, or dead end roles. I've also found myself asking this question more and more in terms of what I want out of life after hitting my 40s and 50s.


Things do and will change for most of us ready or not!

But what's next?

I've been exploring how to build my vision, resilience, and sense of joy in the midst of a lot of life pivots over the last decade. I even went as far as becoming a transformational coach to learn new ways of leaning into change. As a result of coaching people at all stages of life and career, I can with confidence: we all reach a point in life where what had worked for us no longer does – as in "How did I get here?" or "This is my life?"


Recognizing we want more is enough to start on a new adventure in our lives, including career.

But how? What do I want to do that pays the bills? What do I do next?  

All great questions this meet up is all about. 

If you're feeling stuck or uninspired – maybe you've hoped for different results doing the same things in the name of staying safe – then this meet up is for you. This is your chance to explore, get inspired, meet people also evolving and creating what's next with an executive coach.

Why do this thing called evolving alone?

Maybe you have...

  • Lost a job or marriage or just feeling a bit lost even though decades of experience.

  • Are an empty nester and starting a new chapter. 

  • Experiencing health setbacks and rebuilding too.

  • Still feeling the impact of the pandemic and what's important has changed but not sure what's next.

  • Tired of DC's workaholic tendencies which haven't allow you lean into other parts of yourself.

Wherever you are, the point is this is the invitation where the rest of life can begin on your terms.  


What I've found to help explore the possibilities and potential: Coaching and community. A powerful combination.


This is for you if you (are)...

  • Prioritize becoming the best version of yourself.

  • Open to real conversations.

  • A late Boomer, GenXer or older Millennial professional ...who reads this and feels a sense of, "yes please!"

  • Interested in learning from others and sharing your wisdom too.

All are welcome!


  • In Spring of 2024 (TBD), I'm launching a coach-facilitated, monthly meet up group.

  • One Saturday each month (dates to come).

  • The gathering will be casual and friendly in a TBD location in/around Alexandria, VA.

  • We may pick different locations to enjoy Old Town area and choose to also enjoy nature when days get longer and warmer.


Time will be dedicated to a theme/topic for the night and semi-facilitated with questions to prompt discussion and sharing. But really we'll spend the time to discuss what is most needed in the group that assembles. Topics in the running for exploring with others:

  • Making better (or different) decisions

  • Boundary setting, especially with boundary-less bosses

  • Exploring this feeling of imposter syndrome despite all we've achieved

  • Getting back in balance 

  • Making a transition into to new career or lif

If you have a topic you want to explore, please let me know using the form below!



Sessions will be one hour and offered at no charge since just launching. Building community around growth principles is the point.

Let me know you're interested by filling out the form below. I'll email you more details in Spring 2024! 



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Let me know you're interested and I'll send you more information about when this group will start.

Thanks for submitting!

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