Being a leader -- whether a parent, heading up a project, or spearheading an organization -- means being comfortable with uncertainty. After all, it is a leader's job to envision and create what does not exists, and inspire others to follow into the unknown. To do this successfully, leadership really is less about a job than it is a way of being in the world.

So what do leaders know the rest of us don't? How do they deal with the pressures of uncertainty and fear? What helps them thrive in spite of setbacks?

Hint: It's more than faking it until you make it.

Based on the latest neurobiology research, leadership development and mindfulness, 'Core Tenacity' is all about reinforcing strong internal foundations, healthy habits and introducing empowering ways of thinking in order to benefit from a sense of vitality to make a greater impact at home and work, especially in times of uncertainty.

In a small group setting over 90 minutes, participants will be exploring different aspects of thriving in the midst of uncertainty. Participants will be participating in group and breakout discussions, as well as individual reflection time. 

Based on over 20 years working with entrepreneurs and executives in notable  start-ups, Fortune 500 organizations, government agencies and associations to reach new levels of (personal) success, transformational coach, brand expert, entrepreneur and coach, Christine Middleton will be hosting Core Tenacity discussions.

Time, date and schedule of topics/sessions coming soon.


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